Wind Mitigation Inspection $99.00

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Wind Mitigation


The State of Florida requires insurance companies to offer discounts for protecting your home against damage caused by windstorms.  These discounts are known as Wind Mitigation Credits and are offered after a certified inspection is done to your home.  This credit is good for five years   

5 Year Inspection Credit

The Inspection

Before the inspection begins, give your inspector copies of any previous mitigation documents you have. The inspector will perform a comprehensive inspection of your home and property, including:

  • The home's basic structure and construction materials
  • Roof shape, materials, condition and connections
  • Wall construction
  • Exterior and garage doors, windows and skylights
  • Storm shutters/panels (installed or stored on the property)
  • Attic interior
  • Roof-to-wall attachment
  • Roof-deck attachment
  • Secondary water-resistance features

Providing your inspector with documentation of your home's mitigation features will help ensure you receive discounts for any mitigation features that may not be clearly marked or easily visible.